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Twan Wall, “Bergo Husky”

North Carolina based Rapper, Bergo Husky, most known for “Have Seat” joins us for a conversation about his journey in life as a musician. Twan lost both of his parents as a child and was raised by his grandparents among aunts, uncles and cousins in a Catholic Household. He came out as gay in his early teens and his grandmother was a supportive light in his world who taught him grace and kindness amidst adversity. That reflects in his personality and his passion for building up the talent that crosses his path as a producer.

“Bego lives in a box that me an my friends call the Bergo Box”, may be what he said at first but later Twan said that Bergo is still very much a part of him. I see the spirit of Prince in Twan, he is most comfortable in the studio and is always working on a new song. There is nothing else to say about someone who tirelessly pursues their passion but a creative genius. One can only dream to be an endless bounty of our chosen disciplines, Twan gives me hope that colorful, casual, upcycled, eccentricity is going to finally become more mainstream in the south. I know Bergo has a big heart and is ceaseless in his growth, he has what I takes not only to entertain but to be a healthy & positive leader in the LGBTQA Community.

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