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The Bigi Collective

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Brandon and Gianna Vera are the sibling duo behind the Bigi Collective. During the pandemic, the Vera’s realized that there was more to life than a nine to five and through painstaking hours of labor, dedication, bold, sweat and tears they could pursue their ambitions as artists. Their installation in the neon district by the former greyhound station was recently unveiled and they recently started performing together, BRNDNDLYN plays the piano and sings with the voice of an angel and when he hands over the mic, Gigi sings like a goddess as well.

What a pleasure it’s been getting to know them and work with them. In a few weeks we will be releasing a short film collaboration called “Lil Morticians”, I co-wrote the sketch with my brother, our sisters kids are the little stars of the short and my best friend is the Witch of Pungo, her daughter is featured as well.

Check out more from The Bigi Co. below:

Additional voices provided by my nephew, niece, sister and brother: Graiden McCoy, Teagan McCoy, Genevieve McCoy and Joseph Pazmiño.

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