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Preseason Episode, A Conversation with Starcoast

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

This episode came as a complete surprise in the preproduction process of season one. The bands PR manager, Whitney, reached out to me early in the planning stages of the Instagram page, to my delight. I have been a fan of VB/RVA‘s Starcoast since Mike “Panda” Hammonds was their drummer, so this was a dream come true.

Every member of that band is an absolute precious soul, Mike included. David, John and Tom write their own music together and each song has a well crafted message about the most relatable topics, they inspire others to get active in the community and giving back is in their DNA. On July 9th they will finally be back live on stage with The Last Bison at O’Conner Brewing Company in Downtown Norfolk! Don’t miss those amazing acts starting at 6:30pm EST in July 9th- as well as myself but I will just be chilling, singing along. Feel free to come say hello, I’ll have notecards with me if anyone else wants to write a quick letter for the podcast to be read aloud in an upcoming Minisode. I don’t bite and I’m hard to miss. 💌

Link to the Instagram:

Link to the TikTok:

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