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Maks Turner, The Podfather

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Maks Turner started out as a quiet but quirky young man with the most beautiful imagination. Maks has always had a a unique gift for painting an elaborate scene worth his words, More recently his craft as a contortionist has transformed his performance to the highest echelon as a renowned Brooklyn based Circus Act.

His collaboration with co-star, Sktl: The Maks & Sktl Power Hour has given a home and a voice to the up and coming creatives across the country as well as a few international darlings. Maks Turner is the Podfather, Love Letters to Virginia is the brain child we developed together. We always said one day we would be having tea with the Queen at Buckingham palace. There’s still time but I think we’d rather trash talk her with Harry and Megan somewhere by Niagara Falls.

Maks is an incredibly talented artist with a diverse background in stage acting, circus performance and contortion. Check out the Power Hour podcast to hear some of his funniest sketches and incredible guests.

Link to the Maks & Sktl Power Hour:

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