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Love to Legalize it! July 1st 2021

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

In this episode I had the pleasure to discuss the business aspect of what these new changes mean. As a tragic result of the war on drugs, countless numbers of people have been incarcerated and labeled as felons for the non-violent crime of possessing of marijuana as an illicit substance. Thomas Malone, GMU undergrad Alum & UVA Law Alumni, Founder of Arena Group, shares some great information and resources on how we can help these people get their lives back. Arena group is also an excellent medium for budding cannabis businesses.

Janay Brown is a self made business woman located in Suffolk, Virginia. She is the hands on Owner of the Hemp and Fruit based rolling paper company, Growf. I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to record an interview for the "Love to Legalize it!" minisode of Love Letters To Virginia Podcast. As a Northern Virginia native, Janay truly knows the meaning of diversity and inclusivity and has grand designs for her brand and business rolling forward July 1st.

Listen to the full interviews to hear more from these lovely, passionate and savvy young entrepreneurs and don’t forget to Follow and keep your Notifications on for Love Letters to Virginia Podcast on your preferred platform!

Growf Herbal Shop + Bar Address:

201 E Washington St, Suffolk, VA 23434

Ironically enough, the episode about a flower which has properties proven to calm and soothe an individual is also the episode thus far which has given me the biggest headache. From an updated and sluggish Adobe Premiere Rush churning out and uploading a previous version of my video interview with Janay to Anchor eating some of my prerecorded audio I am just grateful to finally be here.

I understand completely if you chalk up these hiccups to the technologically stunted stoner producing this show, please just remember I am still learning and editing everything myself, Season 2 I will be able to consider myself seasoned and well baked so I assure you there will be fewer potholes... Then again this is Virginia we are talking about so if i start seeing chalk drawn wangs on my uploads I'll get around to fixing it like a VDOT worker. ~Vanessa (spazzing without first coffee of the day).

Janay and I will premiere the video of our interview at a Growf’s Movie Night event, Date and time: TBA

Link to the Instagram accounts:

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