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Lou Keeton

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Louise Keeton is a classic and well calculated individual yet she remains quintessentially, a child at heart. Her spirit of adventure speaks through her words whether, on stage on screen or in person, Louise always has a heartfelt story ready to be brought to life. Having been raised by creative parents who are also active in theatrical arts, a central theme connects this lovely family from love at first sight to the 10th anniversary retelling of Cinderella for the Whistle Stop Theatre Company. We all know the story, a young lady with a widowed father marries a cranky yet swanky divorcee with two daughters of her own. The young daughter picks up the slack caused by the “more civilized ladies of the family” as it has been often represented. One day it becomes time for the prince to decide upon a wife to become his queen and through often mystical guidance Cinderella makes it to the Prince. Humble, witty and charming, she dazzles him and he is immediately infatuated, only to have her slip from his fingers seconds to midnight. Louise told me that every culture has used the framework of this story. From the moment I met Louise I knew she had a similar energy to Cinderella. Lovely, graceful, and the fabric of responsibilities in her own world, Louise finds a way to stay on top of every situation with an heir of whimsy and humility.

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