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Gabrielle “Gabs” Presto, Episode III of The Birthday Trilogy. Contains Explicit Language.

This Episode contains adult themes and language. Gabs Presto is a creative powerhouse, she maintains a carefully curated design element in all aspects of her life. Her portfolios include extensive set, background and prop design as well as a popularly growing character portfolio. We recorded this episode while prepping and cooking for a Lumpia Party, this has become a bi annual family and close friend tradition. Just before Gabby packed up and moved across the country, we were getting into some experimental cooking, we made boozy butterscotch pear, Brie and almond Lumpia. Gabs is definitely a visual artist through and through, she taught me how to roll cosmetically perfect. She is literally a fashion icon and has modeled clothing lines for fashion shows in Cleveland as well as recognized national brands.

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