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"Big Torrin", music in the metaphysical 757

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

"Big Torrin" Torrin Purkett is a minister of music, he is unconventional but leads with a pure heart. The Minister of Funk, "Big Torrin" is an incredible musician and a true creative genius. Guided by his spirituality, Torrin is not a wait around and let things happen type of guy, especially after his miraculous recovery from a mysterious illness, he has taken it upon himself to create new opportunities for himself. Torrin encourages people to meditate, finding your center and checking in with yourself is the true key to creative discipline.

When you set intentions and seek the energy you wish to put out into the universe, manifestation is not far behind. Before the pandemic Torrin began to realize that he was spreading himself too thin and the world resetting itself was a blessing in disguise for him. He is passionate about building others up in the community, based in Norfolk, he works with many other local artists, he has been the keyboardist for The Groovemnt as well as the Fusion Groove Band and various solo and collaborative projects.

Link to "Makes Me Move" EP:

Link to The Groovemnt's hit song "The Aim":

Link to Rich Earth Family:

Link to Fusion Groove Band's IG:

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