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Arrie’s Hair Affairs & Sweet Tee

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

     Arrington Kemp is a Southeastern Virginia based Hairstylist from The D.C. Metro area. Arrington was the first and last student that I worked with as a cosmetology instructor. I had worked with students who had been in the program, Arrington was my first student that started with me and it soon became clear that I could learn more from Ms. Kemp than I could ever teach her. As a "kitchen stylist" since her teens, Ms. Kemp is an expert in protective hairstyling for natural hair, she is a self made, dedicated and passionate small business owner offering mobile styling- FIND HER on Instagram “Arrie’s Hair Affairs LLC”  💇🏽‍♀️

Tierra Miller, aka Sweet Tee IS the hype chick. Her artistic persona is uniquely angsty backed by a sugared timbre spitting lyrics as juicy as lemon pits in the bottom of your TALL GLASS OF SWEET TEE! Check out her music on Spotify and Sound Cloud! My top pick “FOREVER VA”🎤

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