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Aaron Cooper “What did you learn about Virginia that taught you about yourself?”

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

This episode is hosted by Joe Pazmiño, voice of Sheldon McGuckin and the Classy Tourist. Below this 06/2016 photo taken at the Virginia Beach Convention Center is Joe’s Love Letter to Virginia.

Dear Virginia,

Having been a part of you for my whole life has shown me many things about the rest of the world and how we fit into the puzzle. I stand witness to much of the worlds larger picture through the rosy facade thats been built on your shorelines and mystic foothills. Your streets and monuments are a testaments to the harrowing history the people who’ve lived here have put you through.

There is a presence in your winds that makes it easy to believe in something bigger. This ancient territory retains the spirit that has conducted the direction of the country since it was formulated. The Old Dominion is a true moniker for the grounds Virginia is comprised of. it is humbling to be in and a part of your grace and might, yet unsettling to have to submit to your will.

Above all else, our complicated history has allowed me to meet the people in my life who I hold dear to my heart. Here to you, Future Virginia!

Joe Pazmiño

This photo is from Aaron’s last directed show at Caveat in NYC in 2020, days before the pandemic shut the world down.

In order of appearance Vanessa, Joe, Aaron and Queen of Drag, Sterling Tull.

Love, Va

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